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Endulge the ambiance of the Lobby as you enter our building.

LERD is primarily involved in the following business:

  • Marketing of residential and commercial spaces - LERD offers company owned residential and commercial properties. We also assist the buyers in financing arrangements through our local affiliated banks. LERD is now offering units at The Link Centre strategically located at San AntonioVillage, PasigCity.

  • Property Management - Our commitment to our buyers does not end even after the sale is consummated. As an added service, LERD shall provide assistance to our buyers/investors who plan to rent out their units by entertaining interested parties on their behalf. We shall entertain interested parties and negotiate on their behalf. For busy owners and investors abroad who have little time to look after their property, they can also make arrangements with LERD to act on their behalf when it comes to maintenance, minor repairs, furniture/fixture purchase or even re-modeling of their unit.