Construction of North Annex Pumping Station for North Caloocan B.A
Client: LinkEnergie Industries Co. Inc
Supplied Items: Flowserve Pumps and Motors

MWSI Valenzuela Conveyance Project Lot 3
Client: LinkEnergie Industries Co. Inc
Supplied Items: Saint Gobain PAM Ductile Iron Pipes & Fitting and Dismantling Pipes

Catuiran Hydro Electric Powerplant

Client Sta. Clara Int. Corp
Supplied Item: 1m knife valve

Taguig North Sewage Network and Effluent
Client: LinkEnergie Industrial Co., Inc.
Supplied Items: DI Pipes and Fittings. Butt weld Machine for HDPE Pipes

Valenzuela Sewer Conveyance
Client: LinkEnergie Industries Co., Inc.
Supplied items: HDPE Pipes, DI Pipes, Flowserve Submersible Pumps ABB Circuit Breakers

WSO Automation Enhancement of Pump Station and In Line Booster
Client: Exponent Control
Supplied Items: Flowserve Pleuger Submersible Pump

Rehabilitation of Novaliches Pump Station

Client: Harmonic Systems Inc.
Supplied Items: ABB Baldor Motor