Job Opportunities

In Link Energie Group of Companies, you will have the opportunity to be one of the young, dynamic, and aggressive professionals responsible in providing customer satisfaction and excellence. We believed that as one of the fastest growing group of companies in the market today, we want to have the best manpower and build the most rewarding career experience in the field of construction, equipment supply, and real estate industry.


HR Manager

Job Description:
- Formulates and effectively implements company plans and policies 
- Maintains a successful pay plan and employee benefits program
- Maintains organization staff by developing a recruitment, hiring, and interviewing program
- Prepares employees by conducting orientation and training programs
- Develops a complete and meaningful performance evaluation process
- Maintains organizational structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions
- Other Human Resources Management related tasks

- Decisive thinker
- Strategic
- Motivating, one who leads by example
- Organized
- Strong Interpersonal Skills

- Bachelor’s degree holding in the field of Psychology, Behavioural Science, Business Administration, Law or other related discipline
- With at least 5 years of experience in the same field 

Accounting Manager

Job Description:
- Manages all accounting work processes and preparation of Financial Statements
- Formulates appropriate Accounting Principles, Procedures, and System of Accounts
- Ensures implementation of Standard Operating Procedures in Finance
- Oversees preparation of cost control report
- Achieves accounting operational objectives 

- Critical thinker
- Well-organized
- Leadership abilities

- Bachelor’s degree holding in the field of Accounting, preferably CPA.
- With at least 5 years of experience in the same field

Accounting Supervisor

Job Description:
- Spearheads all accounting systems and records operations
- Develops the financial reports
- Manages the payroll and accounts payable account
- Approves and reviews ledger entries

- Technical competence in accounting and finance
- Analytical
- Well-organized
- Strong attention to detail

- Bachelor’s degree holding in the field of Accounting, Business Course or any other related discipline
- With at least 2 years of experience in the same field

Warehouse Supervisor

Job Description
- Ensures schedules and deadlines are followed
- Manages and monitors inventory in coordination with the Purchasing Department
- Promotes high standards of customer service

- Familiarity with standard construction supplies or materials
- Good interpersonal skills
- Strong attention to detail
- Well-organized

- Bachelor´s degree in the field of engineering, business administration or any related discipline
- With at least 2 years experience in handling inventory and warehouses

Project Manager

Job Description:
- Controls and coordinates all field activities and operations
- Evaluates and negotiates decisions with regards to contracts and agreements
- Provides constant status reports or updates to the clients and management
- Promotes good networking amongst workers and staff deployed to the project

- Critical thinking and decision making
- Excellent in project management and supervisory tasks
- Good communication and interpersonal skills

- Bachelor´s degree in the field of engineering
- Processionally licensed
- With at least 5 years of experience in supervisory capacity in a construction company

Purchasing Manager

Job Description
- Implements policies and procedures made by the Purchasing department
- Supervises procurement functions and coordinates on site- purchasing functions
- Coordinates and creates a great network with suppliers and manufacturers

- Critical thinking
- Well-organized
- Knowledgable in technical purchasing
- Excellent interpersonal skills

- Bachelor´s degree in industrial engineering, business administration, econnomic or other related discipline
- With at least 5 years of experience in the same field
- Familiar with standard materials, equipments and supplies


- Letter of Intent (must include position/s aspiring for and reason for applying)
- Resume
- Certificate of Employment*
- Training Certificate*
- School records: Transcript of grades and Diploma**
- PRC ID***
*For applicants with previous experience
**For Fresh Graduates
***For Engineers

Send all pertinent files to
Contact the recruitment team at (632) 687-1927 loc. 203 for any inquiries