Design and Construction of 700 cu.m Equalization Tank at Bonifacio Water STP, Manila Water 22M Project.

*Largest project of Manila Water Co., Inc.

Obtained the largest project of Manila Water Co., Inc. worth 218M for Design nad Built of Balara

*31st of July 2012- The Merger of LinkEnergei Co., Inc. (LEI) and LinkEnergei Construction Inc. (LEC) with LEI

The Constituent Corporations have determined the necessity of merging the two companies in pursuit of greaterefficiency, and economy in the management and operations may be achieved to their and their stockholders’ welfare and advantage. The Plan was unanimously approved by the required number of majority vote of the respective Board of Directors and by at least two-thirds of the issued and outstanding stockholders of LEI and LEC.

*26th & 27th July 2012- Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Seminar

The Six Sigma is a business management strategy, a structured approach to problem-solving using data to make decisions using the DMAIC project flow: define, measure, analyze, improve and control.


*5th & 6thOctober 2011 – ISO CERTIFICATION

*17th August 2011 – ISO ATTESTATION

Link ENERGIE Industries Co., Inc. and LinkENERGIE Construction Co. were assessed by AJA REGISTRARS INC. in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 OHSAS 18001:2007 and have now been recommended for certification. The scope of certification is: Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Electrical and Mechanical System.

*First project with TV 5

*Member of Green Philippine Islands of Sustainability


LinkENERGIE Construction, Inc. has been evaluated and meets the requirement as a Maynilad Contractor demonstrating Financial Capacity and Technical Capability for TYPE III Civil Works and other Above-Ground Projects.


* First Sewage Treatment Plant Project

Design and Construction of 700cu.m Equalization Tank at Bonifacio Water STP, Manila Water 22M Project.

*Largest project of Manila WaterCo., Inc.

Obtain the largest project of Manila Water Co., Inc. worth 218M for Design and Built of Balara Pumping Station.


*22nd October 2009 – LinkENERGIE Industries Co., Inc.CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION

LinkENERGIE Industries received a Certificate of Recognition from Manila Water Company, Inc. for achieving the Highest Compliance to Safety Standards for third Quarter of 2009.

*Project for San Juan Pumping Station 2 Phase 2 under Manila Water Co., Inc worth 74M.


*23rd July 2008

The entire management and operations group of LinkENERGIE Group of Companies (LEI, LEC, LEMI & LERD) will transfer to its new home called “The Link Centre” located at Lot 2 Block 1 Gen. Atienza St., San Antonio Village, Pasig City. Link Centre is the first commercial project of LinkENERGIE Construction (LEC). Residential units of the building are also available for rent and for sale.

*14th July 2008 - LinkENERGIE Industries Co., Inc. CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION

Manila Water Co. Inc. (MWCI) presented to LinkENERGIE Industries Co. Inc. a Certificate of Recognition for achieving the Highest Compliance (Facility) to Safety and Quality Standards for the first half of 2008.

*30th June 2008 - LinkENERGIE Industries Co. Inc. CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION

Manila Water Co. Inc. (MWCI) awarded a Certificate of Recognition to LinkENERGIE Industries Inc. (LEI) for being a committed partner and providing valuable assistance during Manila Water´s 2008 Major Incident Preparedness Drill Level 3 held at Marikina Business Area.

*21st June 2008 – Disaster Drill

Manila Water Co. Inc. (MWCI) conducted Incident Preparedness Drill Level 3 last June 21, 2008 on various locations. Participants include Link Energie personnel (LEI & LEC) from two different project sites namely NTA/Amityville Rodriguez P/S and San Juan P/S.


*28th April 2007 – LinkENERGIE Certificate of Appreciation

LinkENERGIE awarded by Manila Water a certificate of appreciation for being a committed partner and for participating in Manila Water’s 2007 Major Incident Preparedness Drill (Quadrant 1)

*Biggest Project of the Year – Installation of Pump Station and Utilities for San Rafael, Manila Water Co., Inc. 65M Project.

2005 - 2006

*First Electro-Mechanical Works

First turn key for Electro-Mechanical Works at Siruna and Kingsville Pump Station under MES Construction, Manila Water Co., Inc. 102M Project.


*First Supplies of Electrical Equipment

Year’s first supplied of Electrical Equipment for Toyota Auto Parts (Siemens Busway 600A)


*15th January 2003 – First Biggest Project

We have our first biggest project for JFE Engineering Corp. (Motor Control Center)